Monday, December 12, 2011

SNS or social network service is mostly common used by people around the world. Facebook, twitter, foursquare, myspace, friendster and many more are SNS known around the world. is also SNS that made of China. Still young but have break the boundaries in China even in the Asia. has a great target that will be IPO at Nasdaq on 2013. Now shares at secondary market. offers an angel investation to the people who interesting invest to
Some companies that use angel investment method to develop their company are microsoft, facebook, Baidu, Yahoo, Google.

Now you have a great opportunity to invest on the newbie Company that use big company method to grow up. Take this once in a lifetime chance!
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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Now we can posting via email with our mobile anytime anywhere
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Should You Do?

When we thinking what should we done in the next years without money we will done nothing.
We need to earn some money to be survive in these days world. many questions come to our selves how to make some money to make our success in the next days.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Men Do Shop

Be a fashionable men is a must now a days. For most of men in the world wearing a jacket paired with a basic blue jeans is a cool way to attract women around him. Or maybe wearing a suit to the party can steal women attention. Now I would like to share to you about many thing that man can buy and wear it to look better than he looks like now.

One more thing that ShopWiki give to you as a man is you can buy a fit pant just for you or maybe you would like to give it as a present to your friend or boy friend. There is a lot of model and style that ShopWiki can provide to you. Some of major style of man pants are: Cuffs, Straight legs, tapered legs, flared pants, and baggy pants. Cuffs are a mature and polished look.. Straight legs always look good and flatter the most heights and builds. Skinny guys can get away with tapered legs. Flared pants only work on jeans and only on tall guys. Baggy pants are rarely a good idea unless you have your own rap label.

But if always attending a formal occasion you should buy suits here in ShopWiki. A classic suit is fit for man that more conservative and don't follow fashion trends. But Jacket style in the single button suit is the trendiest style these days. You also can choose double breasted or maybe single.
About the fabric, wool and cotton are good. Dark color is the best choice for your first suit. After all suit will be look good if the size is right. So you should have accurate measurement to have a fit suit for you.

If suit is too formal to you, so other choice is shirt-tie combination. You can flex your color and print muscle when combining dress shirts and ties. The basic rule to combine shirt and tie is balance. You can mix prints on ties and shirts, as long as they're not the same size. (In other words, small dots with large stripes are okay, but large stripes with large dots are a bad match.)

There is still much more Men Stuffs you can see and learn about wearing and pairing and also caring it that address your style here just in ShopWiki. Happy Shopping Day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great Way to Shopping Over the Internet

Now a day there is a place that we can find in the internet where we can easily shop and find out much of great stuff that we need in our great life. ShopWiki is the place you should go to find all your need with great price. It's very revolutionary where you can find everything that you need such as automotive stuffs, books, movies, food & beverages, kid stuffs, wedding stuffs, home & garden stuffs and much more. you just need to go to ShopWiki and everything you need is there.
If you need to modify your ordinary home into extraordinary so you need to come to ShopWiki. You can easily find your needs to expresses your taste into tour dream home. You can change your home into an apartment or a mansion for you and your family. And there is much you can do with your garden here in ShopWiki.

Of course you need a hose if you have a garden so you can shower you lovely flowers everyday. Here in ShopWiki you can find any type of hoses you like such as flat, coiled, drip, and commercial hose. there are vinyl and rubber material hose, and there is a 100' long and 5/8" width hose.

There is also stuff for you to enjoy the sun shine in your garden and maybe make some outdoor party with your family. We all know we don't want to use heavy stuff there. So you just come to ShopWiki and search your need to make a party and enjoy the day with your family. ShopWiki provide food and drink service stuff that make in unbreakable stuff and it's light to carry. You also can decorate your out door space with your own accent like paper lanterns, decorative pillows, outdoor sculptures, candles, and much more. You can through your outdoor activities by keep healthy with Patio umbrellas, sunblock, citronella candles to keep away bugs, bugs traps, and patio heaters that can extend your outdoor season earlier in the spring and later in the fall. After protecting your body you can have fun by playing frisbees, your kids can play in kiddie pools, and you can dancing salsa where you can find that all stuff in ShopWiki.

Bird baths can make your garden looks natural. There is pedestal bath which is elevated bath makes it easy to see bird, ground level baths, and hanging baths. You can make a dripper in your birth bath to attract bird to come and you can find that all stuff in ShopWiki.

Hedge trimmer can be used to cut shrubs or hedge in your garden where you can find it at ShopWiki. All you need is there with other equipment. So just come and visit ShopWiki and you will find everything that you need.
Good Luck..

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